Shoestring Ep

by Lyla Foy

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Released 1st April 2013 by Big Picnic Records


released April 1, 2013

All tracks written and produced by Wall
Artwork by Daria Hlazatova



all rights reserved


Lyla Foy London, UK

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Track Name: Shoestring

Don't make me try to
All that I know I've given it
I've given it
Went for a breather
Made me a teaser
But came with a ticket yeah

Held me up to push me down
The animals have got me now
And put me in a league of my own
Head to toe I'm feeling cold
Some are nurtured to be sold
So put me in a cell on my own
Give me another reason
To get going

Took the remainder
Hung from my shoulder
My hand was very small in yours
You were the major
Cut with a razor
Left with a shoestring on
Track Name: Place Too Low
Place Too Low

Tried to keep my thinking down
Took some time to work it out
Never in a place too low
In a house up on a hill
Called out to me that I should know
With a whisper and a rope
Being sold

When you go
Give it to me
In words I know
Don't make it your own

Struggle being driven out
Of a crowded humming house
Took my arms and legs in theirs
Stolen with a breathe of air
Called out to me that I would fall
Left my face pressed on a wall
Bring sold
Track Name: Left To Wonder
Left To Wonder

Your silhouette is strong in the dark but soft in my hands
Look like a picture only to make me mad
Somewhere the green eye called us to step inside
Made me remember all of our sleepless nights

Don't go back til you're ready to
To remember
There's a crack and you're leaving me
Left to wonder

Land with your footprints down on the sandy ground
Ran through he trees with bats and the leaves and sounds
Down on a flat cold face only then it stung
Made me remember how i would wear the song
Track Name: Valentine

He could be the leader of my army
Leaving hell behind me
Stepped out from the road that ended
Drew out another ending made
It's a big deal it's important to me
Showed up to be - to be over again

I have tried a long time to meet you
He don't think I'd give much to see you
Written off the day to be with you
Valentine it might be
I have tried a long time to see you

Went to see a movie with a stranger
All eyes behind me
Here's one to be home
Flashed out before we knew the end didn't come
It's a tight fit, it's a wonderful thing
Dragged round just for - for the sake of it
Track Name: All Alone
All Alone

Both my legs round your neck
Stayed there into the night
No one said it was late
It was a long way back to the train

I didn't know that he had read
There was a quiet into which
He road a bike and I would wave
No interruption to get in the way

I was all alone
All alone
" " "
" "

It's an unstable day
The ground that you took away
We hunted around for some lights
And kept a look out for unlikely types

I didn't catch that we had tripped
Into a dim lit candle crib
Hollowed my head 'til it felt tight
Lay Lady Lay playing out through the night